Smart Skate – Be a Smart Skater

We were born to change things. And we think that, little by little, we are getting it. Inline skating is a very fun, social and super healthy activity.

But if we want urban skating to be respected by other public users, we must be the ones to respect them in the first place.

This is where the Skate Smart project is born! A different way of understanding urban mobility on skates.

Skating is feeling free but it also comes with great responsibility.  The skates make us more agile, faster and more free however, this freedom has often been misunderstood as if traffic rules were not for rollerbladers/skaters.

Respecting traffic rules and being civic-minded makes us evolve as a community, the message we send is better and then we’ll be able to ask for more rights.

There will be groups of skaters that surely will not understand this, or even think that following the rules is against having fun, but after many years on wheels, rolling during many and many kilometers and with lots of experiences on our backs, we know that the way to go is the one of respect and to behave in a civilized manner.

Be a “smart skater”

Every skater is a skating ambassador: you just need a single skater in your area who is uncivil to make people demonize us all.

An intelligent skater or smart skater knows that the best way to promote rollerblading is respecting the people and the city.

Wearing protection gear, especially the helmet, it helps giving the good impression that we are looking for.

Smart skating – general guidelines:

-Adapt your ​​speed depending on where you’re at.
-Respect traffic lights.
-Work on your stopping skills.
-Do not skate very close to other public users because you can scare them.
-Warn other skaters or cyclists on bike paths if you are going to overtake them.
-Keep your skates and protection gear in good condition (wheels, heel brake if you wear it, bearings …)
-Keep your head, wear a helmet.
-At night wear lights and/or reflective parts so everyone can see you.
-Respect the places where skating is not allowed (subway, shopping malls or any place that says so).
-If you go in a group, do not use all the space available.
-Be sure that children also understand and know these tips.
-Do not get rid of the heel brake until you have another way to stop short on the streets.

Let’s all make the city to love rollerblading!