classes patinatge adults

Taking advantage of the security and privacy of our indoor facilities, our novice skaters learn to turn, brake and move smoothly.

As they master these basics, they are prepared to take to the streets, where our fabulous team of teachers will teach them advanced or very advanced techniques that can include descending slopes and stairs.

One of the benefits of inline skating is that it can be practiced by people of all ages. For cultural reasons, it is often associated with the activity of inline skating for young people or children, but nothing could be further from the truth. Inline skating is not only suitable for all types of people, but is also highly recommended as a regular sport to keep fit both physically and mentally.

In countries with a long tradition of ice skating such as the Netherlands, Germany or Austria, to name a few, it is common to see elderly people skating without any complex and with enviable ease. Obviously, learning to skate as a child is not the same as growing up, but with will and desire, nothing is impossible.

Inline Skating Course Program for adults

classes patinatge adults

The program of the skating course includes all kinds of techniques for safe skating on the street. The techniques include all kinds of turns, braking and various resources that for many years have served thousands of students to become true urban skaters.

Also, within the skating course you see other more playful aspects to not only skate safely, but to have fun with skates.

That’s why many of our students repeat year after year to hone their skating technique, have fun with skates, or just keep fit.