Crypto trading terminology

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Crypto trading terminology

These terms are seen a lot on forums and websites and confused the hell out of me at first Easy to understand day trading glossary. Altseason – The phase in which altcoins thrive in the market with major price increase, usually triggered by money flowing from Bitcoin to altcoins Crypto trading can be difficult at the cm trading binary options best of times, to help you feel more comfortable trading here is a guide on support, resistance and moving averages Knowing technical analysis and crypto trading terminology can help you to understand market sentiments A crypto exchange is an online trading platform where cryptocurrencies and FIAT money can be traded. Centralized means that the exchange is operated crypto trading terminology by a specific entity that maintains full control over it. Crypto terminology list: Altcoins – Common name for all other coins (thousands!) besides Bitcoin. OCD: Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder. In relation to crypto, OCD is when you obsessively check crypto markets Trading Terminology. It uses strong cryptography to secure the transactions, that usually have value Nocoiner: Of course, one of the key cryptocurrency terms to know is the word for someone who doesn’t hold any coins. For beginners and advanced traders..

Learn all the terms and terminology used in the world of trading is bitcoin wallet same as investment and finance. NEWB: Someone who is new to buying, trading and the crypto community in general. Most of the crypto exchanges allow crypto-to-crypto trading only. Easy to Learn Crypto-Asset Trading Terminology Outline For Beginners, Experts & Genius' [BEG GUIDE] The cryptocurrency community, like any cultural membership base, is packed with its own jargon, and even juicy memes that tell a story of the early ‘good ol' days' as some would surely say Crypto Crypto is the generic term to refer to cryptocurrency, the crypto market and the blockchain industry. Cryptocurrency A cryptocurrency, also known as ‘crypto’, is a type of currency that is transferred via a blockchain. However, the larger ones also allow crypto-to-FIAT trading Crypto 101: Trading Terminology The first thing you’ll crypto trading terminology notice when you decide to dip your toe into cryptocurrency trading is just how many different — and often confusing — words get thrown. Have you found you are somewhat confused when it comes to discussing In many cases, crypto trading is driven by emotions, instead of valuation and FOMO is a significant factor that has to be considered when swing trading in this market. Trading Terminology. FUD Keep reading for my top 30 crypto related terms you MUST know to survive!

I won't put the obvious ones here like "Bitcoin" or "Cryptocurrency" you should damn well know those by now (especially if you have been reading my crypto trading terminology previous Bitcoin intro posts)!

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