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Because teaching children how to skate will never be the same as teaching adults, lessons for children are done in a separate group and are based on exercises that mix playing with learning.


Of course our instructors have extensive experience dealing with children, taking into consideration their psychology, all the techniques promote the improvement of their skills such as balance, self improvement, group behavior, dealing with other children and more.



The Official Inline Skating School has spent many years teaching children of all ages. The goal has always been for children to learn to skate while having fun, because our experience has proved that when they enjoy themselves, children learn more easily. That’s why games are mixed with skating exercises, so children learn to skate without realizing that they are repeating needed movements.

Skating is a great activity for children because it improves their motor skills, their coordination, their physical and psychological well-being. Because of our instructors’ vast experience in teaching children, they have the necessary knowledge to help any child learn to skate regardless of the level.

A question many parents ask is, “What is the minimum age to begin skating?”. Although there is no rule, they can easily start at the age of 4 (we’ve had students as young as 3 but even we admit that that’s very unusual). In order to be able to teach a child they need to be willing to learn and be able to spend one hour without their parents. The policy of the School is that we’ll never force a child to do the class; we’ll encourage her/him, but if a child refuses to participate in the activities or cries from unhappiness, we will recommend postponing classes for a few days until she/he asks for them.

That’s why we strongly recommend for children to do the test-class, so we can all see (parents and instructors) if the children enjoy themselves.

Note: parents and children can come to classes together but they will be in different groups and have different instructors.


Advice for parents

It is very important that parents rely on our experience and follow these tips to help their children learn to skate fast and safely:

– Bring appropriate skating gear – Sometimes children bring skates and protective gear of very low quality. This may impede their learning and cause irreversible damage. In these cases it’s better for children to use the high quality material that we lend them at the School; the rental price is included in the price of the lessons.

– Do not interfere during class – Sometimes, parents can be overprotective of their children, which can disable proper learning. Even if children cry or fall down repeatedly, please trust our instructors. We deal with these situations all the time and we’ll never force a child to do the class if she/he does not want to. We’ll encourage her/him, but if we see that the child is not having a good time, we’ll suggest they sit down for a while and try it again later. If there’s no way to convince the child, she/he will be asked to wait for the class to finish to go back with their parents.

– Wear appropriate clothing – Especially in winter, some children come overdressed which causes excessive sweating during class. There are changing rooms and showers that can be used in all our premises.

– Parents: try our classes too – A good recommendation for parents is to try to the test-class too. It’s motivating for children to see their parents also participating in this activity.


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